CFSF On-Ramp Program

We know CrossFit has an intimidating reputation, so we’ve created a smooth on-ramp process for new members:

Our On-Ramp Program teaches you the fundamental movements of CrossFit! Signing up for our On-Ramp Programs starts you with small group setting classes with other new CrossFitters.  You will be introduced to many core concepts found in CrossFit and gain practice with the common movements found in group classes.   CrossFit Silver Fox On-Ramp Sessions are held every month on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:00pm. You must complete all of these classes in order to join our regular group classes. On-Ramp classes are 1 hour and are a one time fee of $110 and you can sign up for them below. Once signed up, a log in will be sent to you and you can sign up for the individual classes.

***Holidays may interrupt the regular schedule.  Contact us if you have questions regarding that situation and we always post updates on our Facebook Page. 

If you are coming from another CrossFit affiliate, and have completed a comparable level of CrossFit-specific training, you may be able to skip On-Ramp. Please email us to let us know about your background.


Once you’ve graduated from our On-Ramp Program, you're ready to start in at our CrossFit Group Classes.  You can upgrade your fundamentals membership to the membership of your choice.  Below you'll find our pricing and memberships.

Experienced CrossFitters

Experienced CrossFitters simply choose a membership below. Once you have signed up, a log-in will be emailed to you where you can sign up for individual classes.  Please contact us with any questions. 

Join CrossFit Silver Fox!

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