New to CrossFit? No need to worry. In order to start CrossFit, some basic knowledge and skills are required to make sure that you are performing the exercises/movements safely and correctly. This class will teach you the fundamental movements used in CrossFit and ensure each of these movements are both mechanically sound and to standard. You will receive a comprehensive understanding of the CrossFit program. We will introduce and discuss range of motion requirements for the following movements: 


  • Squats: air squats, front squats, overhead squats
  • Presses: strict press, push press, split jerk
  • Power movements: deadlift
  • Olympic lifts: clean & jerk, snatch
  • Gymnastics: pull-up, push-up, sit-up, ring rows, burpees, etc.
  • Other common movements: kettlebell swings, thrusters, wall balls, box jumps, rowing, SkiErg, AirDyne Bike

Please understand that all movements have modifications and can be adjusted to any fitness level.


The class size will be no larger than 10 people per class. Class format is as follows:

1. Warm Up/Skill Review

2. New Skill

3. WOD (Workout of the Day)

4. Cool Down, Q&A


CFSF On-Ramp is a 4 week program consisting of 2 sessions per week, lasting 1 hour each. These classes will gear you up to join our regular CrossFit Classes.  There will only be one CrossFit On-Ramp program per month, so get signed up early to reserve your spot.

On-Ramp will begin on the first week of each month.

Classes are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00 pm. 

The cost for this class is $110. You can sign up for On-Ramp on our RATES tab above.

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