"I have taken the beginner class or ON RAMP with Jen at CFSF. I have known Jen personally since high school and she hasn't changed at all she is very energetic, helpful and fun to be around. She makes sure that you know and understand the movements before moving on. She is also very at motivating you to push yourself durring the work out, I highly recommend Jen for everyone to come and learn and have the fun experiencing of Jen!
-Nate Cromwell

I've been a member of CFSF for 10 months and I love it! Jason is a great instructor but he is a better caring person. When you fist join CFSF he asks you to fill a sheet of any past injuries you may have, I am a former US Marine and have been playing Rugby for the past 12 years so my body is shot, but Jason actually read my record of injuries and works with me on how I change the workout to better suit me. Jason also keeps up with you on a personal level asking daily how are you doing/feeling. Jason is not the only benefit of CFSF, there is a great friendly welcoming by other members. CFSF also does family nights, holiday parties. CFSF is not jus a regular gym, it is a great place and I brag about CFSF everytime someone ask me where do I workout."--Nate Cromwell 

  "I've worked out off and on for over ten years and this is the first program that I enjoy! It's fun, challenging and you see results immediately. The people are friendly and encouraging and the coaches are helpful and push you to do your best! I love it there!"-Meg Woodward

"Great gym, the workouts are fun yet challenging the coaches are great and sometimes entertaining. You get fast results if you put in the effort and everything can be adjusted to your skill level and ability. You will not be disappointed if you join." Mike Lindsley

"CFSF is awesome! Seriously addictive workouts that give results. Jason is a wonderful trainer who gives individual attention and motivates us not only to train hard, but to eat clean and take care of our bodies. We eat and train, we don't "diet and excersize" and that makes a huge difference! I highly recommend Crossfit Silver Fox for anyone looking for a REAL lifestyle change."-Sarah Krzemien

"I'm loving my workouts! I was previously active runner , workouts,etc. I was getting bored with my daily workout routine. I look forward to my workouts each day... Always something different and extremely challenging! I love being able to push myself and doing things I never thought I could! So rewarding! The gym is so welcoming! Everyone is so nice and supportive! I'm hooked!"-Stefainie Clark

"CrossFit Silver Fox is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and great workouts that really push you! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a workout that is different everyday."-Kenneth Plossl

"I began CrossFit almost three years ago.  I had never done anything like it before but I was immediately hooked.  I began competing and loving it. The gym that I had been training at went through some changes and at that point I knew that the current trainer and training program would not help me become a better athlete anymore.  That is when I joined CrossFit Silver Fox.  The workouts there are incredible!  Jason is a very knowledgeable trainer and constantly pushes me to be better everyday.  I have increased my max weight in many of my Olympic lifts in just the short time I have been there.  The community at Silver Fox is just as amazing.  From the first day I walked in the door they have been nothing but welcoming and supportive.  Trust me when I say that I have been to other gyms, both locally and in my travels.  Cross Fit Silver Fox is the best!!!  There is nothing like it around."--Jill Kratz

  " Jason & Jen took the time to teach and coach me from basically square 1. Every motion, every movement was looked at and he tried to improve my form, my mechanics. The workouts are never the same, never boring and always with a great bunch of people. The trainers have no issues helping you learn new movements that you haven't learned or tried before. The trainers know every single person and what they can do and they will push you to your limit to get you to your goals. If you cant do something, they will modify it to help you get to that level. All in all CFSF is not just a gym, its a family that all have the same goals. Jason, Jen and every single member make it a family."-Colin Cooper

"I really enjoy the atmosphere, community, and programming!"-Mike Hughson

​​​" I am a Lieutenant for the City of Batavia Fire Department and my job can be very physically demanding at times. CrossFit has helped me stay ready for any situation that may happen while I am on duty. Also, the 70 plus pounds of gear I wear seems a little lighter when wearing since starting CrossFit Silver Fox. Before joining CrossFit Silver Fox working a fire would leave me sore for days, now after working a fire I don’t ever get like that anymore. The functional fitness achieved from the programming has made me a better Lieutenant. The workouts mimic the 10 to 40 minutes of hard, physical work that firefighters do to mitigate emergencies. 

The trainers at CrossFit Silver Fox are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are always there to help with scaling the workouts to your ability and also to help with the techniques of the different movements during the workouts. They know all the members by name and what each of the members strengths, weaknesses and goals are. There is no other gym that I have ever been member of that the trainers know each member that way. The community of CrossFit Silver Fox is awesome. Each member is so positively supportive of each other, the ego is truly left at the door. On any given day, during any given class there is a group of people who are just trying to be better than the day before.

--Jeff Whitcombe * Lieutenant * City of Batavia Fire Department


"I joined Silver Fox near the end of July 2017, what gained my interest with cross fit was my sister asking to me come and join her for a class. I thought that I was pretty decently in shape and after one work out my eyes were opened to how challenging, yet fun I had. After joining I've seen serious gains in conditioning as well as strength which I always struggled with. The gym tailors to the needs of your personal goals, along with a friendly staff who is genuinely interested in your personal success, and always willing to put aside personal agendas to help someone. CrossFit Silver Fox has impacted my life positively in which I can not be more thankful for."--Andrew LaForce